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Best Portable Baby Monitor: Which one is Right for You?

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Amazing video quality, two-way communication, control of pan and tilt from the parent unit, and an anti-reverberating microphone are some features that come standard on the Ezy Baby Smart View Plus. These features give parents the confidence they need to get some shut-eye or concentrate on their studies even when their children are in the same room. The model comes complete with an infant unit, a parent unit, and a wall mount that provides several different mounting options. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in various settings.

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Long Battery Life
The monitor has an 8-hour battery life, which is standard in baby monitors these days. The unit only needs to be plugged in once or twice during the night to see its full charge, but again, it’s nice that you won’t have to worry about remembering to charge it before leaving the house at night.

Image Product Details   Price
Baby Monitors Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor Brand: Infant Optics
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Special Feature: night vision
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Baby Monitors VTech Video Baby Monitor Brand: VTech
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Special Feature: video
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Baby Monitors Angelcare Baby Monitor Brand: Angelcare
Color: White
Item Weight: 1.26 Pounds
Battery Life: 12 Hours
Sensor Type: Movement
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Baby Monitors VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor Brand: VTech
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Special Feature: night Vision
Power Source: Battery Powered
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Baby Monitors VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor Brand: VTech
Color: White/Silver
Special Feature: video
Item Weight: 12.8 Ounces
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Baby Monitors KODAK Cherish C520 WiFi Video Baby Monitor Brand: KODAK
Model Name: C520
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Special Feature: Motion Sensor
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Baby Monitors New Model – Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor Brand: Babysense
Screen Size: 2.4 Inches
Item Weight: 1.34 Kilograms
Battery Life: 24 Hours
Sensor Type: Temperature
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Baby Monitors Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor Brand: Philips AVENT
Color: Blue
Special Feature: audio only
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Baby Monitors New Babysense Video Baby Monitor Brand: Babysense
Model Name: V24R
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Special Feature: Portable, Night Vision, Motion Sensor
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Baby Monitors Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Additional product features: ‎video
Communication technology: ‎wi-fi
Alert type: Motion Only
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01. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor features a camera of exceptional quality. From the handheld video monitor, you have control over zooming, panning, and tilting the lens. While your children are sleeping, you will have the opportunity to get other things done thanks to this.

It makes no difference whether your twins have their own space or share a room because this monitor will grow with them either way. You can install up to four cameras and a wide-angle lens. We are so grateful that we can watch all of our children simultaneously, even as we tend to other “mom things” around the house and yard.

It renders a distinct and distinct picture on a screen that is 3.5 inches in size and displays it in real time. It won’t be difficult to figure out what your precious little ones are up to.

The battery life is fantastic, with eight hours of use while actively using it and twelve hours of standby time. You won’t ever have to worry about them running out because it even comes with an extra one in the package. Because the sound travels through encrypted wireless transmission, you won’t need to be concerned about your neighbors overhearing your twin infants conversing with one another.

This monitor has everything you need, including night vision and a two-way talk function.

In addition, we adore how adaptable the Infant Optics monitor is. Turn on the screen and the audio if you want to watch and listen simultaneously. Do you want to kick your feet up and watch one of your favorite series on Netflix? Only the screen should be used. The LED lights on the monitor will light up whenever your baby makes a sound. This will serve as an early warning system.


  • 2020 Award Winner: Babylist Best Baby Monitors Of 2020 *(Awarded On January 8, 2020)
  • Perfect Size & Weight Ratio – No Large Batteries To Power Energy-Hungry Large Screens. The Dxr-8 Is Light-Weight And Portable, Designed For True Mobility Around The House. 10-Hr Battery Life On Power-Saving Mode, 6-Hr With Screen On.Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean
  • Full Viewing Control – The Dxr-8 Is A Baby Monitor With Camera Features Such As Pan/Tilt/Digital Zoom And Interchangeable Lens. Fit The Zoom Lens To See Even Closer, Or Zoom Out With The Wide Angle Lens. Expandable Up To 4 Cameras
  • Robust And Mature Hardware – The Dxr-8 Is Fine Tuned And Refined Over Years Of Iteration From Feedback Of Real Users. Trusted By Over A Million Parents, Our Award Winning Monitor Is Backed By Vigorous Testing And Quality Control
  • Range Up to 700 feet (line of sight, no obstruction)

02. VTech Video Baby Monitor

Do you want to communicate easily with your child even when you are in a different room of the house? Even if you have to be more than a thousand feet away from your child, you will have no trouble communicating with them if you use the VTech VM3252 as your baby monitor. There is no reason to keep ascending and descending the stairs repeatedly. This handy tool will help you economize both time and effort. In addition, it is an effective method for preparing your child for the transition to sleeping in a room that is not shared with you.

In addition, we adore the fact that setting up this monitor is a breeze. After it is delivered to you, all you need to do is plug it in, and it is immediately ready for use.

If you have dinner guests, but your little one is having trouble falling asleep, you can put your little one to sleep with the help of the sound and lullaby function. There are four sets of ambient sounds, including white noise and a stream with a trickling sound, in addition to five soothing lullabies. Your infant may fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer if you play these lullabies or white noise for them.


  • ** Plug & Play ** The monitor’s parent unit and the camera are configured for local monitoring right out of the box – no set up is required. The parent unit is intuitive to use and loaded with useful functions.
  • ** Long Range ** Stay in touch to your baby from another room or even from the yard. Go about your day with up to 1000 feet of range.
  • ** 2 Way Talk ** Sometimes all your baby needs is to hear the sound of your voice. With the two-way talk-back intercom, you can comfort your baby from any room.
  • ** Soothing Sounds and Lullabies ** Gently lull your baby to sleep with 5 calming melodies and 4 sets of ambient sound.
  • ** Night Vision ** The baby camera provides crisp, clear footage and automatically switches to the Infrared Night Vision. The monitor ensures your baby’s nap is as restful as possible, by notifying you if they move, cry, or if the room temperature is uncomfortable.
  • ** Sound Activation Mode ** Save power with the parent unit screen turned off until it senses noise. A visual and audio indicator will alert you when it’s time to check on baby.
  • ** Temperature Sensor ** The built-in temperature sensor on the baby camera will send alert to the parent unit. Lets you know when it’s time to adjust the thermostat.

03. Angelcare Baby Monitor

This device not only detects every sound your baby makes, but it also monitors their movements. A wireless sensor pad attached to the underside of the crib mattress can detect even the slightest movement of your child’s chest. You will have twice as much peace of mind when you cannot be with your little one.

The digital audio is of the highest quality, and a range of up to 750 feet is available from the parent unit. It also has a two-way talk function, which enables you to comfort your child by speaking to them from a distance using the sound of your voice.

If the movement pad detects that there has been no motion for more than 20 seconds, it will sound an alarm. Even though this could potentially cause a false alarm if it is set to a high level of sensitivity, many people believe it is best to err on the side of caution.

The portable hand unit is powered by batteries and can be charged in its included cradle. It is also very lightweight. Please put it in the cradle on your nightstand to ensure the battery doesn’t die while you’re sleeping.


  • Under-the-mattress wireless Movement Sensor Pad tracks subtle movements (like breathing) that audio and video monitors can’t detect* (This product is intended to be used only for parental reassurance to monitor your baby’s movements.)
  • Alarm will sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds
  • Portable and rechargeable Parent unit
  • Nursery Unit with LED ring that glows: blue (cold), red (warm), or white (just right)
  • Room temperature display on Parent Unit
  • Secure digital transmission of 1.9GHz, up-to 230m out-of-range (open field)
  • Two-way talk
  • Tabletop stand for the Nursery Unit
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels (Movement Sensor Pad)

04. VTech VM321 Video Baby Monitor

The audio quality of this VTech video monitor is exceptional, and its range extends to an impressive 1,000 feet. Additionally, it can cover an area of up to 150 feet inside the home with no interruptions.

Is the basement where you keep your laundry? With this monitor, you won’t need to worry about anything.

The DECT technology produces high-quality audio by significantly reducing ambient noise and shielding users from interference.

A talk-back function, automatic night vision that is built in, and a powerful zoom are some of the other great features of this camera. Even if the nursery is completely dark, you can see and hear your child at any time of the day or night.

You can add up to three more cameras, allowing you to keep an eye on up to four children while they sleep. You can also keep an eye on your child by installing surveillance cameras in the areas of the house they spend the most time in.

Your personal information and safety are safeguarded when using a frequency of 2.4 GHz. A large LCD screen measuring 2.8 inches provides a video display alive with color. You can go about your business with complete assurance thanks to an alert that will notify you when you are no longer within range.


This configuration includes one parent unit (monitor) and one baby unit (camera)
High resolution 2.8″ color LCD screen – never miss your baby’s smile
Automatic IR night vision – view your baby at night without disturbing them.
Comfort your infant with the 2-way talk-back intercom or choose to play one of five preset lullabies
Adjustable camera lens – the baby unit camera angle can be easily adjusted, ensuring the best view of your baby
Wall-mountable – the camera includes a wall-mount bracket to easily attach to a wall
This 2.4GHz system digitally transmits audio and video signals up to 1,000 feet.

05. VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor

The VTech model is an excellent option for hard of hearing or deaf parents. The presence of an indicator that displays sound levels makes it simple for parents who have trouble hearing to “see” the noise level in the room where their baby is sleeping. You can evaluate the seriousness of the screams or noises based on one of five possible levels that could appear.

This monitor comes with two separate units: one for the parent’s room and one for the baby’s room. Additionally, the parent unit is equipped with a vibration alert. You can still feel the vibrations when there is a notification, even if you use the belt clip or hang it on your clothing. Both of these options are available. You have some maneuverability while your baby is sleeping because you can take this up to 1,000 feet outside or 160 feet inside, depending on the environment.

The top loop of the nursery unit can also be used as a night light for the baby’s room. Thanks to this, your child will be less frightened now that they can see in the dark. It also enables you to monitor their activity without rousing them when you enter the room, which is a significant benefit.

You can communicate with your child through the talk-back feature of the monitor. You can calm them down by singing them a song, or when they are a little older, you can try conversing with them.


  • CLEAR AUDIO AND LONG RANGE – DECT 6.0 technology provides clear audio transmission, eliminating annoying background noise while allowing you to move from room to room. Up to 1,000 feet of range lets you stay connected to your baby from another room
  • 5-LEVEL SOUND INDICATOR AND 2-WAY TALK-BACK INTERCOM – LEDs on the parent unit indicate the level of sound in your baby’s room so you can visually monitor the noise level. The built-in intercom on the parent unit lets you talk to your baby from any room.DO NOT use cleaning spray or liquid cleaners
  • NIGHT LIGHT ON THE BABY UNIT – A soothing light on the baby unit gently illuminates a dark nursery. Both the parent unit(s) and baby unit allow you to turn on or off the nighlight on the baby unit
  • SOUND SENSITIVITY OF THE BABY UNIT – You can choose to hear sounds from the baby unit all the time, or to hear sounds that exceed a certain level. You can use the parent unit to adjust the microphone sensitivity of your baby unit
  • The parent unit runs on rechargeable Ni-MH battery or AC power. To continuously monitor your baby, make sure you use both battery and AC power at the same time. With the battery alone, the parent unit can cordlessly run for a short time only.

06. KODAK Cherish C520 WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Kodak’s video baby monitor is like having the best of both worlds in one convenient device. The screen measures 5 inches and has a high-definition (HD) resolution. It also supports wireless monitoring from a smartphone. This is a wonderful option for working parents who need to travel but want to maintain a close relationship with their young offspring.

You can also record these moments using the Kodak Smart Home app or an SD card to reflect on them in the future and relive them. After all, it’s wonderful to watch infants and toddlers play with their favorite stuffed animals at bedtime or explore their feet for the first time. They will never forgive you for sharing these intimate moments with their first boyfriend or girlfriend, but you should prepare for that possibility.

A two-way talk function, temperature alerts, night vision video, and sound and motion alerts are also included as additional features of this product. In addition to that, it will play soothing lullabies or white noise.


  • The KODAK CHERISH C520 was created with parents in mind. The “Highest Quality Picture” – Expert Reviews , will help you keep an eye on your little one and never missing a moment.
  • TESTED AND APPROVED BY PARENTS AROUND THE WORLD: The Kodak Video Baby Monitor is chosen and approved by parents from around the world. Take comfort at night knowing your little one is safe and sound asleep.
  • PARENT UNIT AND APP: Being a parent is hard yet rewarding, but making time for yourself is essential. Take a break while staying connected to your little one by using the Parent unit during the night, and Kodak Smart Home App while mastering the challenge of work-life balance.
  • SPLIT SCREEN: Be in two places at once! With the Split-Screen feature you can keep an eye on two places in your home, to make sure your little one is not up to any mischief.
  • EASY TO USE: The Built in Split Screen, Motion & Sound alerts, Lullabies and Two-Way Talk, the Kodak baby camera is “Very user friendly and the set-up is easy and fast” ( Lucy, PTPA Tester)

07. New Model – Babysense Video & Baby Movement Monitor

This monitor is intended for parents who are primarily interested in determining whether or not their child is moving around frequently. The Babysense 7 is a great option if you don’t want to constantly keep an eye on a monitor or pay attention to every sound your child makes.

It comes with two very thin pads that are meant to be placed underneath the mattress. Despite their size and being quite skinny, they provide sufficient coverage for the entire crib. Even the baby’s most minute and imperceptible movements can be picked up.

The battery-powered system has no dangling wires that could cause you concern, and the device does not give off any radiation. This means that your baby will be safe, and you will have less to worry about.

If the pads detect that your baby has been still for more than 20 seconds, they will trigger an alarm sent to the control unit. This is especially helpful for parents of premature babies as well as anyone else who is concerned about sudden infant death syndrome.

The video monitor has several useful features, including the ability to monitor the room’s temperature, a night light, LED indicators activated by sound, an alarm, a timer, and double digital zoom. You have the option of adding up to three more cameras, and your child can be comforted with lullabies and white noise sounds.


  • BUNDLE PACK: BABYSENSE VIDEO BABY MONITOR V24R (NEW MODEL) combined with BABYSENSE 7 Baby Movement Monitor – Provides Optimal Protection and Peace of Mind
  • 2.4 INCH HIGH QUALITY VIDEO BABY MONITOR – Enhanced 2.4GHz FHSS Technology – Provides high quality and stable streaming, secure interference-free connection and crystal clear digital vision & sound.
  • UNDER-THE-MATTRESS MOVEMENT MONITOR – Now with enhances sensitivity – This highly sensitive non-touch device monitors a baby’s micro-movements through the mattress. It includes two sensor pads to cover the entire crib area without touching the baby or disrupting baby’s sleep.
  • VIDEO MONITOR PROVIDES REACH FEATURES – Room Temperature Monitoring with High/Low Temperature Alerts, Remote Night Light, Eco Mode Voice Activation, Sound Activated LED Indicators, Alarm/Timer Setting, 2x Digital Zoom, Multi-Camera Expandability (up to four cameras), Lullabies and White Noise Sound, Digital Pan/Tilt, Auto Scan View, Tabletop or Wall Mounting Options
  • RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY – Babysense is the original patented and first non-touch movement monitor of its kind. It has been around the world since 1992 and has helped protecting millions of infants.

08. Philips AVENT Audio Baby Monitor

You will want a baby monitor that can be easily transported with you whenever you have to be away from home. This straightforward option from Philips could be the answer to your problem.

There is no need for concern regarding Wi-Fi connections at this time. Every sound your baby makes is sent over a safe DECT connection from the nursery unit to the parent unit. This connection is located in the parent’s unit.

You can either plug in the parent unit or use batteries with it. When you’re in the 1,000-foot range, you’ll have plenty of room to stretch out on the balcony, even if you’re traveling with a young child who needs to nap inside the hotel room.

Even if the sound is muted on the parent unit, you will still be notified by lights if your baby wakes up crying during the night. In addition to that, the nursery unit features a warm and reassuring night light.

When your infant is placed in a strange crib in an unfamiliar room, this can be an especially calming experience for them. If you need to check on your baby in the middle of the night, you can use it to light your way, preventing you from stumbling over your feet.


  • DECT technology guarantees zero interference, clear souund, with range up to 900 feet
  • Parent unit is outlet or battery powered
  • 5 sound activated LED lights to show sound level and comfort nightlight
  • AA batteries not included
  • Comfort night light
  • DECT technology guarantees zero interference
  • Range up to 330 meters
  • Parent unit is outlet or battery powered, AA batteries not included
  • Smart ECO mode for efficient use of energy.

09. New Babysense Video Baby Monitor

This video baby monitor from Babysense has an adequate coverage range, with an outdoor range of up to 900 feet and an indoor range of up to 160 feet. This gives you the freedom to move about while still being able to keep an eye on your child.

A wireless digital connection protects users’ privacy while maintaining an unbroken signal. It also has an alarm that will go off if you move too far away from the receiver or if the battery gets too low. You can rest easy knowing that your child is protected at all times.

The picture on the camera’s 2.4-inch screen is crystal clear, and you can use the handheld parent unit to control the camera’s pan-and-zoom functionality.

Other features include:

  • A temperature sensor.
  • Built-in lullabies.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • A talk-back function that works in both directions.

If your child cries while the unit is in silent mode, an LED light display will flash to let you know.

The battery life lasts approximately eight hours, but an eco mode also helps save power. This turns on the handheld unit when used because it can detect sound.

10. Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Using a camera mounted on the wall above the crib and a monitoring unit, Nanit acts as your “eye in the sky.” It is not difficult to set up. You only need to sync it with your iOS or Android device, and you’ll be ready.

Even if your internet connection is down, the live stream will continue to transmit over Wi-Fi. Even when you are not at home, you can check in on your child and see what they are doing in their crib. When you have an evening out and your little one is with a babysitter, this will come in handy. You can check to see if your baby is having a good sleep, allowing you to have one more drink before you go home. (You need to inform whoever is watching your house that you can view the camera from anywhere.)

You can zoom in and out to take a closer look at anything.

Using the two-way talk function, you can put your child back to sleep without leaving the comfort of your bed. Or you could tell an older toddler to stop playing with their stuffed animals and lie down so they can get some more sleep.

The videos you save ensure you won’t miss a single second of your child’s day or night. You can also allow family members to access the monitor to share videos and photographs. One advantage is that you can restrict this in any way and at any time, so Grandma can only watch when you want her to.


  • Best view of baby day and night: See and hear your baby 24/7 with HD live streaming, unparalleled night vision, and zoom to get in close. Plus, Nanit works over Wi-Fi, even when internet is down.
  • The Nanit Wall Mount: No painful set-up. No exposed cords. Nanit easily mounts to the wall behind your crib, giving you an amazing overhead view of baby.
  • Smart notifications: Nanit tracks sound and motion to keep you in the know about what’s happening in the nursery. Temperature and humidity sensors monitor the environment, ensuring your baby is comfortable.
  • Soft Glow Night Light: Find pacifiers and loveys in a snap without waking baby with a diffused, ceiling-directed LED nightlight with gradual dimming technology. Drill a 3/16 inch hole in the marked spot and insert the anchor until flush to wall.