My top 10 favorite Toys for 6 Month Old

My top 10 favorite Toys for 6 Month Old

Today I’m doing a list of my top 10 favorite things for Toys for 6 Month Old that I have bought for my 6 to 18 month old that we have used either toys or just items in general that we’ve used over the past few months and for both of our kids.

 My son is three years old. Most of these items I bought on Amazon. I’ll list links below. Some of them were bought when I was in the States but most of them I’ve had to order on Amazon or get online. Because of where I live, in Menorca, it’s really difficult to find a lot of specific items. We’re really limited as to what’s available here on the island. So I’ve linked everything down below. If you have any questions do let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them or try to answer them as best as I can. Alright let’s get into it. So number one is a drinking bottle, a water bottle.

My kids drink water like fishes

My top 10 favorite Toys for 6 Month Old

My kids drink water like fishes and they just absolutely love these bottles. We have them in a couple of different colors. My husband and I have them in larger bottle size. They come in three different sizes. I think 6, 12, 16 and 20 ounce. I think don’t quote mean that. But this is the smaller size, the 12 ounce and they come with both astral top, an extra straw, as well as a regular screw top in case you don’t wanton use the straw and everything. So my, my daughter learned to drink out of a straw when she was 7/8t months old or so from just watching us do it. And it has been fantastic. So much easier. She’s never drunk out of a soppy cup.

 Ezequiel did drink out of a sappy cup but he learned pretty quickly how to use the straw bottles as well. So I like them a lot better than I do soppy cups. So yeah,so this has been a really great thing to keep things cold. Which is nice. It’s little bit on the heavy side but we take them hiking and to the park, playground and everything. It’s really not that bad. The kids can hold them and so it’s really not that big of a deal about the weight. Next up is banana. The teething banana. This thing has been fantastic for Corinthian.

Pain or problems when he was teething

Ezequiel, he never really have a lot of pain or problems when he was teething. He would drool a lot but that was pretty much about it. Corinthia seems to really be bothered by it. Almost every single – you know when it’s coming in she gets really fussy and she’s got her hands on her mouth all the time. And this has been a lifesaver. She really will just go to town chewing on this. It’s made out of kind of a silicone rubber. It is technically toothbrush as well but I have cut off all the bristles because she was pulling them off with her front teeth um after they came in. So you can put it in the refrigerator and make it cold and that helps to soothe as well. But this has-been one of our favorite things. We have bought two or three of these.

Bedroom with Corinthia

I keep buying it when we lose it because it is so fantastic. So highly recommend that. Next up… I don’t have this item with me because it is in the bedroom withCorinthia who is sleeping right now but it is called a Grow-clock and what it is basically an alarm clock. You can turn an actual sound alarm on but we just use the light part and you set it to a certain time and the light comes on and it kind of identifies to the children that it’s time to get up. So if they wake up before it’s actually time to get up this light kind of signifies to them okay now you can actually get out of bed It worked really well. We got Ezequielused to it before we transitioned him to a regular toddler bed.

That worked really well. And then once we transitioned him to a bed he waited in his bed until the light came on and it was really good. Even if he had to get up and go pee he would get up and go pee and then he would go back to bed until that light come on. So it worked out really well. And so we’ve startedCorinthia on it already… um a couple of months ago I think we started. So probably when she was 14/15 months old we started her on it and she’s doing really well.

Great thing for the kids during this quarantine time

Before she would wake up and start fussing 30/45 minutes before she was actually supposed to be getting up and it has really helped her to go back to sleep by knowing that we’re not going to come and get her until that light comes on. And snow she just goes back to sleep or she doesn’t even wake up. Once the light comes on she then, stands up and I come and get her. So she’s learned really quickly that that’s what that means. So I really highly recommend it. It’s easy tousle and it’s been a great tool for us to use.

The other item, I’m notional take you out and show it to you now, but it is a trampoline. You guys this has been a really great thing for the kids during this quarantine time. It’s inky living room. I’ll insert a video. Not my favorite thing in the world, but what are you gonna do right now with quarantine. We can’t get out a whole lot. The kids have really done well. But what I really like about it for my for, my toddler is that it really helped her balance. Her balance is amazing compared to even her brother who is almost two years older than her.

Corinthian with her balance

So I highly recommend getting one if you have the space and an opportunity This one was about 100 euro, so about 100dollars. I think they go in Amazon as well it’s linked below. So highly recommend that. It’s been a great thing for the kids to play on they love it and it really have helped Corinthian with her balance.

 Another thing that I’m not going to show you because again is with Corinthian, is a sound machine. And these are great white noise machines. We live in a flat in Spain and I have noticed that the quality of the flats don’t seem to be very good. You hear pretty much everything going on that the neighbors are doing. So it has been a little bit difficult when it comes to getting the kids to sleep at nap times. We are a little bit different than a lot of Spaniards. Our children’s leave their naps in their beds, in a dark room and so these sound machines… turning them on with some kind of white noise.

white noise machine

Usually I have some kind of water noise going it’s kind of a raining sound have turned on and it really helps to drown out the loud noises, and the banging, the booming, the voices, the kids in the park, etc. going on so that they arable to sleep. I have slowly decreased the sound over the months and years and so it’s not real loud. Just enough to give them a solid sound to listen to so that sudden noises don’t wake them up. Especially if you travel and.. travel or go to different places where the kids are sleeping different places.

It’s worked really well in hotels, at my parents house. We use it all the time. Um another thing that my daughter has really loved that my son… he only played with it once or twice he really didn’t find it that interesting, but it is this little Laugh and Learn toy from Fisher-Price.

Patrick and it’s fantastic

It was given to us as a gift and we call him Patrick and it’s fantastic. It has the body parts on it and he sings and he talks and there’s different levels and just… um Corinthian has really taken to him. One of our favorite things as well and my son still loves to play with these and these are Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles. These ones are with chunky puzzles as opposed to the pegs and they work really good for toddlers that are just learning how to do it. They have really enjoyed these. We have a couple of different ones.

We have this one, I have an underwater one, we have the vehicle one as well and so it helps them to learn the vehicles and then we also have a large peg. There at the small peg ones that Melissa and Doug has also. These large pegs are really good for toddlers as well because their hands are so small. It’s easier for them to grasp these larger peg than the, than the smaller ones. So these have been really great for Corinthian.

Melissa and Doug

Another Melissa and Doug… we love Melissa and Doug in this house. I’ve got a lot of their things and I really do like the company. I like allot of the things that they make. We have the bus and my son, in the two and a half years that we have had this bus I don’t think there’s been a day he is not played with this bus. And Corinthian loves it as well.

 He got it when he was just over a year old from his grandparents and he has absolutely loved this bus. It has little stop sign that flips out and the door opens and closes and then has people inside too it. Has little boys and girls that are inside and you can see that these are really well worn. In my family… they the kids absolutely love this bus and they love the kids. I am surprised we still have all of them but we do.

Another one of Corinthian’s favorite things

They’re just really well loved. Another one of Corinthian’s favorite things and I’ll have to I’ll have to explain why I bought this originally. Ezequiel never really play with this much when he was a baby. He plays with it a little bit more now and I’m not sure if that’s because Corinthian plays with it or he really is interested in now. Butt’s one of these bead roller coasters. And this one is just a simple one from IKEA.

They’re just an overall and they’re made out of a material that the rain doesn’t get through. They have little shoe straps on them so that you can put their feet inside and then the shoe over the top of that. Usually rain boots or something so that the water doesn’t get inside and the cuffs don’t come up and they don’t get any rain in them that way. And you guys I will insert a video Corinthian sat down in the water in these. She was playing, splashing around in these the other day and she didn’t get wet at all. Her shoes were wet because she didn’t have boots on but these are fantastic.

Kids yet sand everywhere these things are fantastic

They’re great forgoing to the playground when the, when the playground equipments. Wet they can still slide down the slide and you don’t have to worry about everything getting all wet sit down on park benches. Sit down on the grass these are great for if you live in a rainy area or even like us we don’t live in a rainy area. But it does rain on occasion and at least this way we can still go out without the kids getting completely soaking wet and needing to change them before we get back in the car or something. So I have a couple of different sizes of these.

Ezequiel still wears them sometimes when we go out but highly recommend for toddlers. Especially because they usually, you know, their balance is still a little unsteady. So you never know when they’re going to fall and what they’re gonna fall into. Okay guys that is it for my favorite things for 12-18 month olds. I hope you like this video. Let me know in the comments if you have some other favorite items. That you guys like to get and I will definitely look into those also. I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you give us a thumbs up and we’ll see you in the next post. Tata for now.

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