5 Top Toy Brands | Wooden Baby Toys
5 Top Toy Brands Wooden Baby Toys

5 Top Toy Brands | Wooden Baby Toys

Hey everybody and welcome to Get Set Ma. This time our focus is Wooden Baby Toys and with Christmas just around the corner. This could be a very valuable list, for you to help you decide what to put under that Christmas tree.

So we are going to tell you about 5 lovely Indian toy brands local toy brands. That we have come across that are doing some very innovative things with children’s toys. You will see that this list mainly consists of educational open-ended toys. That is made of safe material like wood, these are toys that encourage their censorial engagement they teach practical skills and they also inspire children to build on their ever-growing imagination and creativity. So let’s start with the brand called ‘Endow Toys’.

5 Top Toy Brands Wooden Baby Toys
5 Top Toy Brands Wooden Baby Toys

Endow Toys

I recently came across their toys and found them very interesting I had ordered this rainbow stalker for Liam and these peg dolls, and she really loves playing with them. I have seen her use them for multiple things they become cradles, they become houses, they become tunnels or just a tall structure. Which she piles up like this and puts the peg dolls in or anything. Their Wooden Baby Toys are all open-ended and they are available for children from the age of 6 months onwards and above.

They are made of wood and because they manufactured natural products you might find some difference in the grain or the color of the wood. But that is completely natural and I really like that because they are staying so true to the material and the product. The color glazes and the oils used, comply with the European standards for the safety of the toys EN71 and they are safe and not toxic so great for babies. Also, they seem to be one of the few toy brands making some Waldorf inspired toys.

Waldorf inspired toys

The Waldorf system of education is the alternative system based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, and it states that it aims to hone children’s artistic. Intellectual, and practical skills in a holistic manner and encourages imagination and creativity in children. There is the link in the description box below this post in case you want to find out more about this system.

To learn more about it you can again go ahead click on the link in the description box below the post. Now Kola toys cater to children starting at the age of 1 all the way till they are 8 years old. All these toys are super fun and at the same time, engaging and educational and they also help in honing fine motor skills, logical ability, etc.. And you can pick the Wooden Baby Toys either by deciding. What learning journey your child is currently on and they will give you options here like dexterity, environment, numbers, etc. or you can pick toys depending on the age of your child.

Learning journeys

They have very nicely mapped out the sequence of toys in these learning journeys. So for instance, if I click on the alphabet it details what my daughter needed at stage 1 the age of 2 plus, these are sandpaper letters of the alphabet, at stage 2 when she is 3 plus the focus is CVC words and they have vowels cars to help here. At stage 3 when she is about 3 and a half they suggest cursive puzzles traits and for stage 4 when she is about the age of 4 they moved on to alphabet puppets. So as you can see they have a pretty comprehensive approach and organized approach and they seek to educate you as well as you pick toys for your child.

Number 3  is Brain smith

Now there is a lot of research around which states that the first 5 to 6 years of a child’s life are very important and especially crucial for physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development and this is what Brain smith’s philosophy is built on and they state that they have designed their toys by keeping this in mind. You can pick from a range of toys for children starting at the newborn stage till they are over 4 years old. The material they used is for their toys is wood and just to show you there a few of the toys, this is the fruit-based board that we have got for Liam.

You have to sort these colored balls using this magnetic tool into slots of respective fruits by matching the color. It kept the grown up in the house also occupied for a while just to let you know and to show you some more they have Wooden Baby Toys like a spic and span set, a memory game, an ice-cream parlor, a shape maze board, etc, so a lot of role-playing toys alongside toys that promote logic, motor skills, etc..

I would also like to mention that they make flash cards called quantum cards, I have got a set of for Liam as well and these cards are available under various topics like Flags, Solar Systems, Monuments, Fruits etc. and the front side of the card has a large photograph so I am going to take this out and show you, it has a large photograph, in this case, it is a Kangaroo and while the back of the card has detailed information about it.

Newborn Cards

There are also newborn cards but they display high contrast images and all these card bundles come with instructions on how to use them, and Brain smith says that you can use these cards all the way starting from when your child is an infant till they are 8 years of age. Also, they make kids furniture, which is all wooden so you can pick a bright color chair, a table, a book stand, a step stool, etc. Also from their website. Number 4 we have Shame. Their toys are made from natural wood and are colored in nice, bright, safe, non-toxic paints and they design toys that cater to children starting at the age of 3 months till they are over 6 years old.

They have planned and constructed their toys according to 5 categories and these 5 categories are Pretend n Play, dance to music, puzzles, explore and learn, and on the move. I will show you a few things that Liam has from Shame. She has these memory cards that she likes playing with, we got these as a return gift from the birthday party and she really likes enjoying playing with them then she has these play snap cards farm snap cards and she likes them as well, they are large size cards good for her little hands and she likes playing with them playing snap.

And they also had these nice large-sized puzzles we got for her, which she really likes putting together again large-sized pieces, so they have everything from Rattles, Tethers, Flashcards, to Sandwich sets, Chess sets, TP tents, Balance boards, etc.. I would also like to mention that they make children furniture too so they have things like a cute table and chair set and also toys storage bins.

Run by a Husband and Wife team

Lastly, we come to the Thesis, Thesis is run by a husband and wife team and they are also inspired by the Montessori method. They use safe natural materials like wood and they make toys that can be used at the newborn stage for your child at the infant stage as well and also through toddlerhood.

So till they are just over three years old. You can pick up from a range of toys from rattles stokers puzzles and so on. What I also find especially interesting at Thesis was that they are making Montessori mobile and I haven’t come across any other Indian company doing that In fact, I am aware that many parents make these themselves at home. People do enjoy making these and also they aren’t easily available in India and are expensive if you get them shipped from outside the country. So they have a bell chimes mobile and primary colors mobile and even the Mandarin mobile. So these were five Indian toy brands that we find really special and very innovative.

You can look out for more brands that we will feature soon around Wooden Baby Toys, etc. as we love talking about people we love talking about companies and brands who are constantly innovating and doing inspiring work. Also, I would like to highlight that we have numerous links in the description box below through which you can go ahead and purchase the products we speak about in our post, so you can go ahead and click on that link and it will take you to a website from where you can buy the product. Please like and share this post. Until next time, take care and good-bye.

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